CAN CH Glasgowhill's Legacy Of Twin Pine 

" Wilson "

Introducing Glasgowhill's legacy Of Twin Pine " Wilson " COI on 10 generations is 3.96% Father is Annsdale;s Twin Pine Booms Like Thunder Mom Is Twin Pine Sandy's Amazing Grace Breeder Steve Clark A Study on his 10 generation pedigree says so much these dog have the greatest influence DNA wise for they within his pedigree have a COI of 13 or more Coi's will be listed behind there names
Kelstrin Tartanside Twist 25%
Am Ch Riverrun's Lion Pride 18.75%
Am Ch Vennessee Midnight Express 29.98%
Am Ch Riverrun Vennessee's The Traveler Of Galatean 17.16%
Am Ch Riverrun Lionheart 13.74%
Am Ch Fury's The Spirit of legend's 80.18 %
Am Ch cheviot Sollis Gallant Boy 26.88%
Am Ch Executive the Equalizer 53.91%
Am Ch Twin Oaks Joker's wild 35.94%
Tatrtanside Ravishibg 16.41%
Am CH Tartanside Arabesque 16.41%
Westwend 's Hocus Pocus 18.75%
Cheviot Sollis Center Stage 13.66%
Am Can CH Alfenloch masterpiece 71.28
Vennessee Krystal Lace 25%

And the list goes on and on I will be doing Wilson's whole collie DNA Panel He is CERF Normal Eyed .I have been looking for a dog like him for a couple of
years now and I'm so grateful to his breeders for allowing me the opportunity to own this wonderful boy

Wilson's Dad Am Ch Anndale's TwinPine Booms Like Thunder  

Wilson's Mom Twin Pines Sandy's Amazing Grace 

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